Monday, January 30, 2012

.there'a no fun in study isn't it?

people never seem to get the idea of having fun and study in the same pretext. fun and study are always viewed as a totally contrasting subjects no matter how one want to put it.

the reason i am updating this short post is not to give my views or reasons why i think differently or just simply agreeing with the matter i put forward. i am simply making an announcement on why i wouldn't be able to update maybe in the coming 3 weeks.

i am actually in a student exchange programme in Indonesia. YES, while most of my peers spending their lovely end semester break, i am stuck under a faculty programme in Indonesia. nevertheless, none of can say i am not having fun here. juts because i am under the faculty programme.

yes it is a student exchange programme but not necessarily i am studying the whole 3 weeks. i am actually having so much fun. instead of a study trip, it is more of a field trip where we got the chance to go around places and island. so who's laughing now? *point finger at myself

we had been in a few place already so... ehem. anyway, there will be quite a few academic activities but mostly it going to be fun except for the lectures. who would enjpy lectures anyway?

plus, this is a fully sponsored trip. who would give you a sponsored trip for one month in other country to have fun? please. even if you won any prizes most it will be 3 days 2 nights. no one can beat mine. HAH! take that.

and oh, i am a millionaire here :) HAHA. and no, not all the stuff in indonesia is that cheap cause i know what you're thinking. so, i think that will be it. so back to my first question, is there any fun in studying after all?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

.women and kitchen.

call me a feminist or womanist or girlist or whatever BUT i am sick and BORED reading and listening the kitchen jokes, especially sandwich.
''baby girl, make me some sandwich!" le boyfriend playing Sykrim.
"why don't you?" le gf reading ze book.
"because you have no penises"
why does woman will always be the one to cook? why must a woman KNOW how to cook? if a guy doesn't know how to change a light bulb, people still makes excuses for them and when a woman doesn't know hwo to cook it seems like a mortal sin.
what irritates me the most is, if a woman doesn't know how to cook, she does not fit to marry YET or worst, not a suitable wife etc etc. i mean, daffuuuqq? who made the rules that women must COOK? who made it rules that women must stay in the kitchen.
back in 500 b.c, the homo sapiens live in caves that doesn't have kitchen and stuff. the guys prepares dinner by roasting the animals they hunt. men and women COOK equally.
guys too should know how to cook. what if suddenly your wife fall sick and cannot move out of bed? are you going to eat outside till she gets better? or would you get a maid?


the point here is, MEN TOO SHOULD know how to COOK. what's wrong with cooking? cause cooking is for pussies? puh-lease. there are lots of great chef out there, which most of them are men. some why don't you? boling water is NOT considered as cooking. preparing instant noodle too. well, frying eggs...... not to bad.

what i am trying to say is, women and kitchen does not correlate together. not like men and ashholes. they correlate perfectly. see what i did there? heh.

moving on to the next point, i honestly find it annoying when people cannot keep their mouth off. i mean, just because you knew things about doesn't mean you can tell the others about it. especially those who are too narrow minded and judgemental. ugh.
well, congratulation on being stamped as a know-it-all but there's no need being greedy for spread-it-all awards.
it annoys the hell out of me.
why people keep tellng stories behind me, i have no idea. get a life. ugh. honestly, just say what you want in front of me. there's no need to spread stupid news about me behind my back. JUST BECAUSE I CAN DO THINGS YOU CAN'T doesn't give you the right to spread things you know about it.
you are just freaking JEALOUS of my awesomeness. so what if i enjoy myself going places you doesn't have the courage to go or juts to keep up to your reputation? does it save you from hell? or not.
i live my live like how i want it to be. HATERS GONNA HATE.
so what if spend all my money on shoes? does it bothers you? did i ask for your money? did i dumped all the shoes on your face? oh i would love that.
you have no right to tell the other about the story of my life. i don't need cheap and free agent like you for my fame. please. i have my agents. i pay them. so please. or i have to put arrow to your knee.
why being a such a bitch?

Friday, January 13, 2012

.RAWWRR is not I LOVE YOU in DINOSAOUR language.

RAWRRRR is NOT i love you in dinosaur language. it never has. never will. no one even knows if they even sounded like that. how if they actually can speak like human or squeal like a pig or even meowing like the cat.what if it actually means fuck you?

if you ever watch jurassic park, does the dinosaour looks like it loves you when it rawr-ing before chasing you and eat YOU? oh sure it does. like me. I LOVE MY FOOD AND I ATE THEM.

well, every predator love their food.

well, let's move on from that. this crap is not the reason why i made this post. what i want to ramble is about, "the past shall remain the past"

this is dedicated to all those who are sitting for exam *hint : myself* the feeling after walking out of the torture hall doesn't and cannot be considered as grateful or relief especially when you know you did not do well. for example when you had swapped the case name like a boss or you forgot the principle of the case or you REALIZED actually your understanding of the case was DIFFERENT from majority of your friends RIGHT after you step out of the exam hall. or worst, you didn't remember a single case. *sigh sigh

yet, all these are not worth remembered. it shall remain the past. i won't elaborate more on why you should because.... you'll get more stress than you already are now. might start to think, why oh why why why didn't i study earlier and those along the same line.

the past shall remain the past and let it be a history you never want to repeat. ahem *note to self. this is only a shot post :) so yeah.

tooodleessss babiesss :) *flips hair and leave dramatically!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


the question posted above is really a question i wanna ask. y u no like me because me face FAT? oh the feeling of a fat person *sigh* look down on myself.

me; a combo of a fat and #foreveralone moves. how cool can i get? psssh. well, actually not that i am sorry for myself that i am a SINGLE lady now it just that lately i feel recently everyone think i am desperate for a boyfriend *roll eyes* FYI, i am not. i am awesome the way i am now.

is it because i've been chanting how this specific guy is SO cool *ehem* because he play this specific instrument doesn't mean i like him as in more than a friendly liking. that is instrumentalist! that is the same as saying i like to smell my own fart just because i keep on pressing that my fart smells like lavender *it does. HAHAHAHAH*

i do admit that sometimes when you the people around you either in a relationship or hooking up (minus those who either enganged and married) and you sat there looking pathetic and alone it sucks. it really does.the love is in the air around them but the air around you filled with loneliness and depression. imagine a bread that suddenly get this one patch of mold on it. and yes, the mold is you. it ruins the whole mood.

people will start feeling sorry for you and told you that you are still young and yaddaa yaddaa yaddaaa. you'll find someone soon or someone will eventually come and propose you. you gotta to be kidding me. telling the single people all those stuff will make them feel worst. no shit. its the same as pouring a 10 gallons of oil into a raging fire of depression. it won't make it better but worst. so stop saying all those stupid stuff. it hurts not healing.

and those who already leave the #singleclub please don't be all lovey dovey in front of us. YES, we are jealous. who could blame us? we are lonely, depressed, single but NOT desperate and needy nor lusty *perhaps a little? HAHAHAH. ahem. the point here is, please respect us, the AWESOME. you might become our topic to be pissed on. well, we too are human and can be bitch you know *flips hair.

how GORGEOUS we are don't you think?

not being vain or anything, it just that when i was in a relationship, there are guys who will hint on me but when i am single, NONE are.

guys logic;
me, in a relationship.
me while single. Y NO AFFORD ME?
well, maybe i am exeggearting a BIT but you got my point. and true that, guys find a girl a lot hotter when she is in a relationship. why? because there's more thrill to it. hard to get. #lesson1 be hard to get and pretend you have a boyfriend.

and oh, the memes can be use in the facebook chat!!!! i no lie!
you can get it HERE!

bai bai <3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

.gay club FTW.

people, calm your tities! well, only if you have TWO. bahaha. *ignore my joke attempt. for those who doesn't have tities... then calm your........ penises? BHAHAHAHAHHA. oh god, my lame jokes worth it. sob sob. proud of myself.

Before you start on making all those stupid and controversial assumptions and CIRCULATING news about this blogspot, please, please, open up your horizons of thoughts. are you going to stay this *point your whole body*  er.... lame for the rest of your life? making other poeple life miserable when one wants to enjoy them? puh lease. get a freaking life people.  i owe you nothing but YOU owe me every-freaking-thing. *don't ask me where the hell did that come from

this post is actually to give you a few simple yet reasonable REASONS why WHY gay club are better for all those women out there to go rather than all those straight club. well, with exception for the some extreme AFFECTION display you'll see there. not that it's gross but er.. you'll understand. some of them might even look cuter than the couple you'd see daily *hint: i know what you're thinking and the answer? i leave it all up to your unlimited pervert-loves-gossips imagination. *cue:imagination movers theme song* lame lame. BAHHAHAH

1. 99.9 %  of the guys the guys who went there won't try to get into your pants or some other sexual ways to relief their pervert desire.

well, hello? that's the reason why it is called a gay club not mere CLUB. pshhhh *roll eyes* gay won't attracted to women like you and me. pshhhh. well, except for lesbians which if you include them too BUT lesbians are far more faithful to their partner then those straight one. well, maybe JUST maybe they know their species are endangered *lame joke attempt hor. no harm mean!* so, no worries. no one will make a stupid moves on you even when you sit there waiting your friends to get the drinks and you become the table reserver *woman NOT man* the gays are actually more friendly than the girls. believe me, i KNOW this from experience. *not necessarily from GAYCLUB for god sake. and they are more fun to be with! GAY friends FTW! well, up untill you rage a war againt them though and REMEMBER they are GUYS. your reputation will shattered quickly than a quick sand when you have problems with guys especially GAYS.

2. fun, excitiment and all about FUN.

with respect of my first reason, i hereby announce that, WE CAN PARTY ALL NIGHTTTTTTT!!!!!! i mean, there's no need for you to control all your attempt flirting to very single guy in the room *fail fail fail* i mean why should you even in the first place. if you want to make a move, choose la other place. the reason why to go to gay club is to have fun i mean REAL fun *dance,laugh etc which ever come to your puny mind* without worrying the male species. but REMEMBER! every time you want to go to club, remember to bring boy friendS not your boyfriend but BOY-----FRIENDDDDDDs. for your safety too. one can never know what gonna happen. you can dance like nobody's bussiness. laugh like there's no tomorrow. being silly without worrying no guys will make moves on you *well DUH* and party LIKE A BOSS! WOHOOOOO!!!!! 

3. you can dance with the cute GUYS *not just CUTE BUT HOT* 

putting aside the fact that they are gays, MOST of the clubbers will be either, cute, handsome, hot, sexy or might all of the above!!! *drool* so you can brag that some hotties dance with you last night which is entirely trues but putting aside that they are gay and have some interest in you which is obvious. you can dance with them without being called a slut because you wont even have 90% of chance to have them. pshhh. *the other 10% just in case you are lucky enough they are BI. BAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH.

well, i know my reasons are not that erm.. how should i put it, more reasonable? BUT you get the whole idea.... right? it is for FUN you sucker. pshhh! get a life~


Friday, January 6, 2012

.annoying you as it is.

"hey hey! hey apple!"..... "hey hey! hey apple! APPLE!"

"what orangeeee? *roll eyes*" 

"how do you know which is bottom?"

"bottom? what bottom?"


do you know what annoying mean? as in literally? nope? guess, what. it is best describe by the following criteria.
1. people who doesn't do their work.
these *disgusted face* people should rot. i mean, you've been given your job, ESPECIALLY group works, and then YOU do not do your work. hoping some fucking kind samaritan to do it for you by giving some totally  lame excuses as in not enough time, i have to much work, yadaa yadaa yadaa. guess what, we take the same course, given the same work, participate in the same activities and YET i can finish my job in TIME and you don't and gave those super LAME excuses. surprise surprise! maybe i used a totally different watch that gives me another 5 hours extra per day so instead of 24/7 like yours, mine will be 29/190. and that's why i have extra TIME not only to do my f part but also YOURS. how convenient. and even the smallest details you couldn't do and expect me to do everything. after failing to complete your part, you also fail to even contribute to at least edit the compilation *YES also done by me and partner* and even expect the other member to lick your armpits in case it grows mushrooms. *gag*. so yeah, that is one example to illustrate annoying-ness.

2. people who doesn't value their friends.
if the above should rot, THIS, should throw themselves in a raging fire. not that we want you to give us money, skirts, make ups, parfumes, shoes or bags *but we'll appreciate it* but at least show some appreciation. what? are we like a problem sponge? only when you have all those problems then you come looking for us. when you need something then you come running like a freaking horse with weird sound *AHHHHEEHEHEEHHEHE* to get it from us? or WHEN YOU FREAKING DON'T HAVE OTHER FRIENDS THEN YOU COME TO FIND US AS THE LAST RESORT? or even when you don't have the attention of your LOVER or when you are SINGLe then you realize our existence? and oh, when YOU need a freaking companion to color your dull life?

3. who makes other people feel bad of themselves and others.
simple: ANIMAL.ungrateful.bully.low self-esteem.ANIMAL.bastard.

4. people rants on stupid things.POSERS.
oh yeah, you got me there.